We’d be lying if we said, “we didn’t start the blog as a marketing tool”, but in our defence, almost every company does this these days – in theory you pick your keywords and pore over the analytics pretending you’re Peter Brand in ‘Moneyball’.Illustration of Jonah Hill in Moneyball looking at analyticsPeter Brand was the Yale economics graduate in the film 'Moneyball' who radically used empirical analysis of in-game baseball metrics to help the
Oakland A's win their division.

But, since keywords are dull and you’ve gone out of your way to visit our blog, we thought we’d try a different approach at Harkster and provide you with valuable content for getting ahead on topics that are ultimately requested and voted for by you.

Harkster may be a new company, but individually we all have lengthy backgrounds in developing tools and business processes that have required an in depth understanding of people and technology in order to hit the sweet spot. With origins in the sharp end of finance, you learn that you only get a few chances to get it right and more often than not a simple understanding of your audience was more important than the complexity of the solution.

So, we thought we would take a closer look at these softer skills that so often join the dots in work and in life but frequently fly under the radar when it comes to personal development. (Everyone seems to be learning Python or sourdough bread making these days!)

To get the blog started, we’ll lay down the initial foundations, guiding you through some of the traditional cornerstones of success in work, and in life. We’ll deep dive into themes such as effective communication, teamwork, leadership etc. - all brought right up to date for the ambitious and curious mind in a modern and rapidly changing environment.

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To save you the time, we’ll take care of the research and strip out the most relevant theory and key strategic actions so you can start implementing immediately.

It wouldn’t be right if we did not practice what we preach, and naturally, we are applying the same framework to ourselves at Harkster. But this isn’t a journey we want to go on alone!

After laying the foundations, we want to dig deeper into the real-life issues you and your organisation face and create community-driven content that gets to the heart of these topics.

You can vote now below for the topics most important to you, and we welcome more specific issues or questions in the ‘Other’ option. We’ll, of course, be adding more focused polls as we tackle each topic. Alternatively, get in touch via the comments, email or social media (@getharkster) to tell us your story. To put it simply, we want to hear from you!

We hope to provide you with the tools and information to optimise your skillset around these topics and, more importantly, initiate improvements in those around you for the benefit of the broader organisation. It doesn’t matter where you are in the org chart; you might be the CEO or the latest intern; we believe you can make a difference from any level.

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This infographic demonstrates the importance of continuous learning using data from recent LinkedIn/PWC studies. It not only highlights the increasing value of the softer skills as you progress through your career to more senior positions but also that the a lack of these skills is perceived to be an increasing threat to growth over time. It's clear there is no better time to start developing yourself in these areas to both excel your career and add value to your organisation.

To provide you with a diverse range of perspectives, we’ll also be interviewing guests on the blog from a broad spectrum of industries to discuss their opinions on the topics raised. We’ll find out their strategies for success, lessons learned along the way and how they are adapting to new challenges from technology to coronavirus.

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One final thing . . . we are of course launching our knowledge broadcasting app here at Harkster so we will be kicking off the blog by indulging ourselves with a post covering the background story to Harkster and why we built the app.

We hope you enjoy these 'behind-the-scenes' insights and we'll keep you updated occasionally with any big news. We hope you enjoy sharing this journey with us!

Please do take a couple of minutes to check out the app at Harkster.com so that when I finally decipher Google Analytics and have my own ‘Moneyball’ moment, the numbers will look half decent.

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To promote taking action, we will often include checklists in our posts which summarise the key action points detailed in the article and make them simpler to take away and follow up. For example:

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