You can’t expect to make informed business decisions if you don’t have all the facts. In today’s fast-changing corporate environment, timeliness is another key consideration. If your team is spending hours or days manually piecing together reports by gathering data from dozens of different sources, chances are it will be out of date by the time you get to view it. Without real-time information, you could end up missing out on lucrative opportunities, especially if you’re stockpiling insights for the next weekly or monthly report.

We developed Harkster to help solve these challenges, now a full-fledged knowledge-sharing platform for teams and individuals. Our app lets you subscribe effortlessly to all your essential information, whether that's data published by one of your favourite tools or raw insights captured by a colleague.

To make the best possible use out of your data to drive decisions, it needs to be distributed so that it’s always readily available. That’s where our app comes in, by offering an automated solution that lets users access the data they need, when they need it. We also believe in making it easy to share small pieces of critical information, without overloading users with unnecessarily lengthy reports. That means you can accomplish your goals in less time and react quickly to ever-changing circumstances.

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A modern solution for a cloud-first world

Until about a decade ago, most businesses kept all their systems and data in-house. Now, in 2021, almost all organisations have found comfort in the flexibility and scalability in the cloud. But while the benefits of cloud computing are indisputable, this radically different approach to computing has necessitated new types of software. Instead of data being generated in-house by desktop and server-side software or costly proprietary systems, most of it’s being generated by cloud-hosted apps and online activities.

Harkster is a modern solution designed for modern computing architectures. Our web app is accessible on any device, providing readily available insights across a range of key business areas, such as finance, marketing, and customer support.

We now have a library of fully customisable reporting templates for you to choose from, and we plan to add more based on customer feedback. These templates can be tailored to meet your needs or you can build your own report layouts from scratch. This means each department or member of your team will always have access to the insights they need to be better at their jobs, without being overloaded by irrelevant data streams.

From small businesses to field operations to globally distributed workforces, our overarching goal at Harkster is to make key knowledge available to everyone who needs it. That’s why our micro-reports are readily available on mobile, as well as desktop, devices. Since everyone can use it and customise their reports according to their needs, teams and individuals can enjoy complete flexibility and alignment with their workflows. In other words, everyone can find their own use cases, including ones we might not have even thought about ourselves!

Our initial release will be the Harkster web app, which provides a consistent browser-based user experience across all platforms. We’re also working on a native mobile app for iOS, which is currently in final testing phases before an expected release in Q2. Our native mobile app for Android will follow later in the year.

Empowering seamless integration with your favourite data sources

Easily the biggest challenge of integrating reporting functionality across all your business data sources is the fact that there are so many possibilities. No two computing environments look the same, and there’s a practically limitless array of possible configurations out there. That’s why we’re constantly looking to develop new integrations with the multitude of online platforms ranging from accounting software to content management systems to customer relationship management tools.

Our public API makes it possible to integrate Harkster with virtually any cloud app or platform. We’re also looking to build out our native integration portfolio to feed additional data streams into the app. You can also suggest an integration by contacting us. We’re always looking for new opportunities to directly integrate Harkster with popular apps, so we’d love to hear your feedback!

Even more excitingly, we’re also working on connecting our API to Zapier, one of the world’s leading web app integration platforms. Zapier connects more than 3,000 web apps, allowing the average organisation to integrate every significant data source they have without ever having to write a line of code.

Would you like to partner with us?

In an effort to expand our integration portfolio and make Harkster a leading business reporting platform, we’d like to offer early adopters the chance to partner with us. We believe in building a solution that can accommodate the unique needs of every business, which is why we need you to provide direction in the future development of our app. That’s why you can try Harkster for free, and leave your suggestions so that we can better tailor our solution to your real-world business requirements.

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