We believe in frequently sharing small pieces of critical information, without overloading users with unnecessarily lengthy reports. This allows you to quickly accomplish your goals and react to ever-changing circumstances.

To maximise the use of data for driving decisions, business updates need to be distributed in a format that is clean, consistent, and lightweight. Here are 20 templates to help you get started.

Customer Success

Customer Service KPIs

Track and improve customer satisfaction

In the age of online reviews and social media, customer satisfaction is everything. An essential component of brand reputation management, this template quantifies customer satisfaction by tracking key metrics like response and resolution times. If your customer service goals are running into challenges, you’ll find out about it here.

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Customer Service KPIs Template

Helpdesk Metrics

Measure helpdesk support performance

Tracking helpdesk performance gives you deeper insight into customer perceptions as well as recurring issues. Using this template, you can find out which support channels customers use to reach your support team, track the number of open or resolved tickets, and get an overview of the workloads on customer support agents.

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Helpdesk Metrics Template


Balance Sheet Summary

Evaluate your business’s financial situation

Your balance sheet is the cornerstone of your business’s financial statements, and it’s critical that they contain accurate and timely information. This template reveals your firm’s liabilities, assets, and cash flow to help you determine risk and return, secure loans and capital, and reveal your company’s overall financial structure.

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Balance Sheet Summary Template

Key Cash Monitors

Get a big-picture look at business cash flow

While the accounting team might be primarily responsible for dealing with financial issues, it’s essential that managers too understand their cashflow to figure out where problems occur. This template provides an overview of your corporate income, assets, and liquidity to help you make more informed business decisions every day.

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Key Cash Monitors Template

Monthly Profit & Loss

Keep track of monthly profits and operating expenses

Tracking monthly profit and losses gives decision makers an overall view of their business’s financial stability, as well as the means to track trends over time. This template lets you track income across multiple channels, such as online stores and third-party sales, and operating expenses across different departments.

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Monthly Profit & Loss Template


Ad Campaign Tracking⠀

Monitor your paid advertising performance

Paid advertising doesn’t come cheap, but with optimal planning, it can yield an excellent return on investment. This template gives you a big-picture view of the collective performance of your various ad campaigns, including your total spend and conversion rate. You can instantly find out which ad types are the best performers, and which ones need improvement.

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Ad Campaign Tracking Template

Marketing KPIs

Determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Your marketing campaigns must work together to accommodate the wide range of customer needs out there, hence it’s important to see how your overall strategy is performing. With this template, you can track conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and more.

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Marketing KPIs Template

Web Analytics Report

Gain visibility into your website visitors

Understanding how your visitors interact with your website is essential for delivering a better user experience. This template tracks audience statistics, conversion rates, behaviour, and traffic sources to give you a complete view of how people find and interact with your website. This also provides a broad look into how well your marketing strategies are performing.

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Web Analytics Report Template


Internal Micro-Blog

Keep track of your daily tasks and thoughts

Sometimes, you just need an easy and accessible way to take down everyday notes, whether it’s a reminder of an important task or just a record of your thoughts. This template offers free text fields where you can jot down your notes and publish them privately or share them with your team like a business micro-blog.

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Internal Micro-Blog Template

Reading Notes

Keep a record of your favourite quotes, tips, and ideas

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember a particular scene or quote from a book? If you’re an avid reader, it makes sense to keep a notebook where you can keep track of quotes, tips, and ideas. With this template, you’ll have a central place of reference where you can record your notes. You can create multiple channels to group notes by book, magazine, or website.

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Reading Notes Template

Product Delivery

New Release Change Log

See what’s been fixed, improved, and added to your product

Whenever you release a new version of your product or service, it’s important to demonstrate to your customers how it has improved or changed. This template keeps you informed about the latest new features, improvements, fixes, and more. That way, you’re always kept up to date on the current state of your product.

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New Release Change Log Template

Product Usage Metrics

Learn how customers are engaging with your product

Tracking product usage metrics gives you the opportunity to improve customer experiences by drawing attention to inefficiencies and linking your workflows to desired business outcomes. This template keeps you informed about how your customers are engaging with your product and week-on-week trends in subscriber numbers.

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Product Usage Metrics Template

System Status Report

Track planned and unplanned system outages

Unscheduled IT downtime can lead to enormous losses, hence it’s essential you know about any system outages as soon as they occur. This template provides an instant look into system status across things like email, internet, and CRM, while also helping you keep track of any planned outages.

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System Status Report Template

Project Management

OKR Tracking

Stay focussed on objectives and key results

To stay focussed on important goals, project managers need to break down more complex projects into bite-size milestones that align with desired results. This template lets you keep track of multiple objectives by giving you an instant view of key results by description, how close each milestone is to completion, and time periods and deadlines.

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OKR Tracking Template

Project Status

Keep your projects on track by monitoring status

Managing multiple projects with numerous deadlines and lots of stakeholders can be difficult even for the most accomplished project manager. This project status template helps you keep informed across key areas like project timelines, resources required and used, budgets, and individual milestones. If there are any risks or holdups, you’ll learn about it here.

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Project Status Update Template

Task Status Update

Monitor task status and progress for complex projects

With more complex projects, it’s often necessary to break things down into more manageable tasks with their own stages, stakeholders, and timelines. This task status template lets you keep track of tasks and their various dependencies to quickly isolate any bottlenecks that could put the wider project in jeopardy.

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Task Status Update

Remote Work

Weekly / Daily Check-in

Share quick updates with your remote teams

While there’s no denying the benefits of adopting a remote work strategy, strong collaboration doesn’t always come easy across a geographically dispersed team. With this template, you can instantly share quick updates with your colleagues and employees or use it to provide them a space where they can check in on a daily or weekly basis.

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Weekly / Daily Check-in Template


Retail Sales Report

Track daily and weekly sales and trends over time

Retail sales reports help managers monitor the performance of their sales teams and provide the insights needed to drive effective sales strategies. This template gives you a full view over sales by channel and region, allowing you to identify the best- and worst-performing areas and make informed decisions that improve outcomes.

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Retail Sales Report Template

Sales Pipeline Snapshot

Get a clear picture of your sales pipelines

Business leaders need to monitor interactions throughout every stage of the customer journey if they’re to maintain a stable and profitable process. This template gives you an instant view over your prospects, which sales reps are working with them, and at which stage the customer or potential customer is in their purchase.

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Sales Pipeline Snapshot Template

Weekly B2B Sales Report

Monitor your B2B sales pipeline across channels

Before you can implement more effective sales and marketing processes for your B2B firm, you need to effectively track sales team performance and establish a strong link between sales and marketing. This template helps you achieve those things by providing weekly insights into the performance of your B2B sales teams across various channels.

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Weekly B2B Sales Report Template